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We offer consulting in core business practices, marketing and as an expert witness in construction related disputes.

  • Over thirty-five years experience (general contractor since 1975) building homes, apartments and offices, including ten years experience as a Public Works contractor (water and sewer systems).
  • Certified Safety Administrator.
  • Member International Code Council.
  • Trade shows and internet marketing.
  • Click the link below for resume (downloadable pdf).

Our expert witness strategy is simple: Stick with the facts; simplify the core issues and be instructive; and don't get sidetracked by emotional arguments.

  • We help you get to the root.
  • We help you ask the right questions.
"Todd had the opportunity to speak with some of the jurors and wanted to relay to you some of their comments regarding your testimony. They said they liked you very much, you came across very well, explained things in a great way, believable, and knowledgeable. Thanks again for all your assistance. On behalf of our office and Mr. Rice, all your work was greatly appreciated." - Kirkpatrick and Startzel [re Lewis v Riverbend], April 2017. Ed Rice said, "I can't thank him enough for his help."

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Dean Isaacson

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image of Workplace Safety Manual

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Master Format spreadsheet

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Idaho Contractor

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