The Employee Safety Bulletin Board is usually located in the employee lounge. Some businesses may place it in a common hallway or near the main office. On this board should be posted all the regulatory posters, locations and emergency numbers and other information to help employees conduct their business in an informed, efficient and safe manner. At the minimum these items should be on the board:

  1. Required regulatory (IRS, OSHA, ADA, EPA, workmen’s comp, employment security, equal opportunity, etc) posters.
  2. Optional Regulatory posters.
  3. OSHA for 300A (injury summary) will post from 01 Feb to 30 Apr.
  4. The fire and emergency evacuation plan and procedures.
  5. Day/Dates, time and location of weekly Safety Meetings.
  6. The minutes of the most recent Safety Meeting(s).
  7. The latest MSDS sheets, if applicable.
  8. Location of the MSDS notebook.
  9. Location of the First Aid Kit(s).
  10. Location of the Eye Wash Station(s), if applicable.
  11. The name, location and contact information of the nearest urgent care center.
  12. Location of this workplace, phone number and emergency phone.
  13. Information about other medical information and programs.
  14. RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE and contact info:
    1. Who to report injuries to.
    2. Who is the Employee Safety Representative.
    3. Who are the Safety Committee members.
    4. Who is the HazMat coordinator and in charge of the MSDS notebook.
    5. Who is the Drug Policy Administrator.
    6. Who is the Workplace Violence Administrator.
    7. Who is the person responsible for monthly inspecting and maintaining the fire protection equipment.
    8. Who is the person in charge of the Bloodborne Pathogen Plan, if applicable.
    9. Who is the person in charge of determining Bomb Threats and calling the alarm.
    10. Who is the person in charge of the Fire Evacuation Plan.
    11. Who is the person in charge of Medical Records.
    12. Who is the Respiratory Administrator, if applicable.
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