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The Case for Good Old All-American Alcoholism

The mission was to meet a truck in Spokane, take some photos of the truck and the mining equipment it was hauling. The company wanted to get the photos on the website. Accustomed as I am to accepting time-consuming projects that promise adventure but lack any remuneration, I readily accepted the task. Besides, this was […]
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Cook Great American Grits the Right Way

There is quite a controversy about how to cook grits the right way. Down South, they cook it slow but if you follow the directions on the box you can cut that down to five or six minutes. With the exception of Cajun-style grits, most recipes, whether from the box or Southern, call for grits, […]
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Are You Qualified to be a Professional?

When you put your self out before the public to render a professional service, it helps to have the certifications or credentials from a professional organization or institution. Most professionals have degrees from universities or certifications from professional organizations, or both. People look for credentials because credentials help build confidence in the minds of the […]
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Topping a Tree and God Answers Prayer

Nine years ago, when I built our home, there was a tree on the property and I built the home around it. Even the design of the home considered this tree. It sat right in the crotch between the house and the garage but it has grown much bigger now and is damaging the house. […]
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